20 June 2016

Kai Xuan Chinese Restaurant at Puteri Pacific Hotel, Iftar 2016


It has been years that i didn't write post in English. 

Ok let's begin.

Alhamdu Lillah... we have rezeki and opportunity to eat Halal Dim Sum buffet. Kai Xuan restaurant is one in our wish list. 

Last saturday, we manage to have Iftar there. Reservation is a must to eat at Kai Xuan Restaurant. The price for Dim Sum Buffet Ramadan is RM 70.00++ not include chinese tea. The waiter might suggest Chinese tea but if you are budget person, there is plain water and fruit drink. =) 

Last year my husband and I having iftar at Ramadhan Buffet Woogle Restaurant, Country Garden.  Then 2013 at Starhill Golf & Country Club. Previous year at Grand Paragon Hotel. Actually this year we decide not to go Iftar at buffet ramadhan. But.... I think we need something big to celebrate my husband success to get IRCA Certified ISO 9001:2015 Auditor/Lead Auditor .  Congratulations Dear! 

Ok, back to the Kai Xuan Restaurant. Both of us are happy to eat Dim Sum. As we know, there is difficulty to find variety  Halal Dim Sum in JB.

We have order 11 dishes, nasi goreng and chinese tea. I am sorry because there is no time to takes picture. For picture and more you can go to this Blogs : http://johorkaki.blogspot.com OR http://thesimplestaphrodisiac.blogspot.my

Also in Dim Sum Buffet is Nasi Goreng. The portion is for 3 to 4 people, i think. hehehe.... You might need to come with friends or family. This restaurant will charges the price of the dish that you have not finish. They are mean it, every leftovers you have to pay it. 

My husband said that the environment of this restaurant is calm and relax. They didn't put loud music, just the instrument music. Nice kan? 

First dish that we eat is BBQ Chicken Pie. Both of us laughing because we can't taste the Chicken, but the crust is so delicious and crispy. 

Then the Steamed Chicken Wing in Black Bean Sauce, it taste like black paper chicken. My husband eat all of it. 

Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Chee cheong fun with prawn fillingsChee cheong fun with scallop fillingsFresh Scallop Dumpling, Seafood Soup Dumpling nyummy and good. That's all  dish i can remember. =D  

The nasi goreng is delicious. Simple and nice, not oily. 

Then we try the dessert. I will come again and eat Shanghai Pancake....SOOOO delicious, i can't eat more, already full.  

Almond Beancurd with Longan and Manggo Puding, both dessert just normal which is not fantastic. =) 

Although i can not remember all the dish because we are excited of the choices. Definitely will come again to try more. 

Having Dim Sum for Iftar, its new for me.  

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18 June 2016

Mana Kasut? - Stokin Gubahan Penguin

Mak Cik Ai : "Ape ni?"
Ai : "Stokin"
Mak Cik Ai : " mane kasut? "
Ai : sengih tengok bakal tunang, buat muka tak bersalah pada Mak Cik sambil jawab "takde la..." 
Mak Cik Ai : " ko bagi stokin tapi tak bagi kasut" 
Ai : hehehehe... 


Salah satu hantaran Ai masa bertunang dulu. =) masa teringat mesti tersengih sorang-sorang. Penguin...comel kan? hehe... 

You never know how small things can make you remember forever. =D Keep smiling until now.